SEO for Wedding Photographers

WARNING: This will show you how you can rank on Google without blogging
SEO for wedding photographers is my favorite topic because it's largely how I grew my Louisville wedding photography business to consistent 6-figures per year. I've helped tons of photographers rank on Google now (in about 30-90 days on average, which is fast!

...and because of that, I hear LIES that people are telling photographers that keep them from ranking on Google.  

For example, the lie that you have to blog constantly in order to rank on Google. 

So, in this article, we'll be smashing the lies that make up "the old way" of ranking on Google, while sharing some of the effective "new and long-term ways" you can implement SEO for your wedding photography business. 
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How to do wedding photography SEO

Let's get straight into what you MUST do, in order to rank on Google as a wedding photographer.

1. Do keyword research using a keyword research tool (such as Ubersuggest) and choose keywords that have traffic! Gather these related keywords into a bucket.
2. Pick one of those keywords and include it in your homepage's page title, along with your business name (XYZ Photography | "My good keyword"
3. Put that keyword in an H1 heading that is high on the page, ideally so high that they don't have to scroll to see it.
4. Remember that bucket of keywords? Now, start using the rest of those keywords naturally on your page.
5. Get verified with Google Search Console
6. Set up Google Analytics
7. Set up your Google Business Profile and get verified
8. Watch your Google Search Console "performance" tab for keywords you start showing up for!
9. Watch Google Analytics to see if your website is engaging users, and then make improvement to the user-experience when they are not!
10. Get good, industry specific backlinks 

And, #11 for a bonus: Join my Facebook Group to get more insight including regular livestream trainings! ; )

What You DON'T Need to Do (aka Wedding Photo SEO Lies)

You do NOT need to and SHOULD not:

1. Blog constantly
2. Hire an agency
3. Waste tons of time on more technical things like making your website super fast
4. Rename all your image files

"Don't I have to blog until my fingers bleed in order to rank on Google?"

No, you really don't need to. 

In fact, I see more people sabotaging their rankings with blogging that I do helping. 

There's nothing wrong with blogging if it genuine serves your target market, but much of what is taught is this "blogs are the best way to get traffic, and if you do it enough everything will go well!" 

This just isn't true. 

I personally believe based on real life events that certain educators push the "blog til you drop" teaching because they also want to sell you their blogging services. 

So, long story short, blog if you want, but you don't need to, and make sure it isn't sabotaging your rankings. 

How long does it take for wedding photography SEO to start working?

Let's be honest...

Most wedding photographers that try to rank on Google, never actually succeed. 

They don't have the right formula or support. 

But, of those that do, it typically takes about 12-15 months. 

That said, I've helped some do it in as little as 2 weeks...

That's right...2 weeks page 1. Pretty crazy! 

But, I typically expect someone I help to rank page #1 in 30-90 days on average. 

Case Study
Watch AnneMarie talk about how she ranked on Google with my (not)SEO method and increased her inquiries by 2000%
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